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Single Session – $99

One 15 minute session lifts topical staining which results in a guaranteed shade improvement of 2 – 4 shades.


Double Session – $149

Two 15-minute sessions most commonly done in immediate succession as the complete whitening cycle. After the first 15-minute session lifts topical stains, the second 15 minute session is able to lift deeper and older stains from other teeth staining vices. Double session guarantees a shade improvement of 2 – 10 shades.


Multi session package – $199

Five 15 minute sessions for special occasions or lifting heavy set teeth staining. We recommend two whitening sessions as the most for one appointment.


Remineralization – $60

The Remineralization treatment alleviates sensitivity and immediately seals the pores of the teeth. It naturally strengthens and rebuilds enamel. It also eliminates all eating restrictions so you can eat anything 30mins after the treatment!


Mobile Services – Call for Rates

Whitening treatments in the convenience of your home.
Our caring SmileLabs LA staff will give you the personalized attention you deserve, while brightening up your pearly whites.


Ask about our group rates & wedding specials!

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