Best teeth whitening place in town (I didn’t know these kind of places existed until very recently, as I always used to get my teeth whitened at the dentist for lots of money and very sore gums:-(
Smile Labs did a great job on my teeth and even managed to match my front Crown to the rest of my teeth. It was fast, pleasant, my gums were NOT sore and I now can once again smile non stop: THANK YOU SMILE LABS!!!
– Diane D.

Great results!!! Definitely recommend! Very reasonable
– Raumak R.

Love this place and the product! Doesn’t hurt like Zoom did. I am definitely coming back.
Fantastic. A gingivitis-treating mouthwash that my dentist gave me left my teeth horribly stained. I was so self-conscious about it that I had to get something done. The lady working that evening explained the whole process, was thorough, and in 30 minutes (2 back to back 15 minute sessions for maximum results) my teeth whitened 10 shades and are almost back to normal. I bought a few more so I can get to the shade I want. I didn’t experience any sensitivity afterwards.
– Alexandra W.

The customer service is great and you see immediate results. Jessica was awesome! I will definitely go there again.
– Sheridan V.

I had a really great experience here with great results! My teeth went up 6 shades with the double treatment, and I was in and out in less than an hour!
– Whitney H.

Ahh! I absolutely enjoyed my experience here with David and Roy (both of whom are super nice and comforting). I got two sessions back to back with remineralizing afterwords. I’m definitely coming back to brighten my teeth even more, as the results were awesome.
– Sapphire S.

Pleasant efficient service. In and out in a timely manner.
– W R.

The staff pretty much explain everything and will answer any of your questions, so no worries!
– Rakinah A.

I had a great experience 2 yrs ago and I went back today with my sister who was very pleased, as well. I had 2 gift cards, one per each session and I used only one as my teeth got super white with only a session. I will use the second one in a few months. The place is clean, well kept and Jessica was super sweet and took great care of us. She was also very informative over the phone. Thanks for the great experience and see u soon!
– Barbara E.

Smile Labs is great. Very clean. The staff I encountered was very friendly and knowledgable.
I opted to take only one 15 minute session and was very pleased with the results, however, if you have moderate or greater yellowing or staining, you may want to get the back to back 15 minute sessions. I experienced no pain or sensitivity at all.
– Jon S.

I had great results from a 30 min treatment. Roy was exceptional and made me feel comfortable for my first time. I’ll be returning.
– Julianna M.

Very friendly service. Efficient. My teeth look so much better.
– Michael R.

Everyone is really nice very comfortable atmosphere awesome music. And great girls the owner is soooo sweet!!!
– Addy D.

I was skeptical about this procedure but the lady was polite, professional & sweet & I loved the results! Much whiter teeth for my birthday party… THANK YOU!!!!!
– Hildy J.

I had a great experience today. Linda was so nice and very professional. I always thought whitening was expensive but it really was affordable! If I knew, I would have tried it sooner and didn’t waste my time and money on Crest strips. So happy with the result. I will go back in two months for more whitening.
–Tomoko P.

Betina was great! Very professional. Saw improvements and she really took the time to educate me on entire experience. It’s “basic” but also complex so I appreciated Betina taking the time to explain everything! Will be back for sure! Set up appointment was able to come right in and sit down.
– Reul B.

Smile Labs LA

Smile Labs LA